We're Hiring!

Do you think you have what it takes to be a part of the team? Let us know! While we're actively looking for people to fill the positions below, if you think you have another skill of value to offer us, send us your resume and why you think you can help us. :)

UE4 Developer/C++ Wizard (remote)

We're looking for experienced UE4/C++ Developers who want to help drive the engine development. Applicants with specializations in areas such as physics, procedural generation, artificial intelligence, or other areas are especially preferred.

Concept Artist (remote)

Calling all talented concept artists to help us bring our visions to life! Concept Artists are the first step in the creative design process, and we could use another to help us conjure up ideas for creatures, characters, structures, ships, environments, and more.

VFX Artist (remote)

We're looking for a talented VFX artist familiar with UE4 to join our team. This person would be creating the eye-catching special effects that would be used throughout the game.

UX/UI Designer (remote)

A talented UI designer to help flesh out the game interface is needed. Prefer applicants with experience in designing sci-fi interfaces especially.

Level Designer (remote)

We're looking for a skilled level designer to help bring our environments to life. Our worlds are very large, so familiarity with tools like SpeedTree is preferred!

Web/Social/Moderation (remote)

There is a spot on the team for a "jack of all trades"-type to handle several related roles including web development, server administration, forum moderation, and social media management. If you think you can cover a few (or all) of these roles, let us know!

If you see a position that interests you, send us a copy of your resume along with a link to your portfolio to jobs@stormypeak.com.

We're Artists

Artists bring games to life though visual and auditory immersion. Whether making photo-realistic assets or pixel graphics, our artists adhere to the highest standards of excellence to bring you a breathtaking and unforgettable experience.

We're Coders

Just as every castle needs a foundation, every game needs people to construct the underlying structure that brings everything together. But we believe code can be beautiful too, which is why we don't just hire programmers, we hire visionaries.

We're Designers

Game designers? These people exist? I thought you just needed programmers and 3D modellers to build games... right? Though the role of Game Designers is often under-appreciated elsewhere, we've gone to great lengths recruiting only the best and brightest for our team.